Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents' Day.

Ashley and I went on a trip to Covington this weekend with Nana and Papa. She saw Mema and Granddaddy (my Granddaddy - her great Granddaddy), Aunt Cathy, Nathan, and Paul. On my Dad's side, she saw Aunt Cindy and Uncle Glenn at Beau and Robert's basketball game at my old Elementary school. Everything seemed a lot smaller than it did when I went there. It was a K - 8 school that both my brother Clay and I went to. Do they even have those any longer?

Mike stayed in Nashville to watch the Vanderbilt Commodores beat the #1 Florida Gators. He had a fun time at the game. I didn't ask him if this made up for the Super Bowl...but it definitely helped him recover. We're hoping for an NCAA bid this year. My use of the word 'we' is a little misleading considering that I have not gotten to go to a single game this year. Any deals to be made over the tickets completely broke down when Mike thought it was reasonable to give me the non-conference games and he would take the conference ones. Of course, he's arguing with me now about it. He says that the conversation was more like this... "there are a few games that I won't give up". Thanks I remember it. I said "Great. You take Kentucky and Tennessee...and I'll go to the South Carolina games." He failed to see that I was being facetious and thought that would be a great deal. We decided to make a different deal so I get to see movies with friends when there is something out that I want to see.

Today, we are both off work hanging out with Ashley. Maybe she'll let us take a nap this afternoon. Probably not. Right now, she keeps looking around for Nana who already left for Huntsville. Nana is the best. This weekend, she made her an impromptu rattle in the car with her empty Diet coke bottle and some pennies. When she was searching for the change, I was like "Um...we don't really let her play with pennies". "Thanks Beth". ;). The rattle was definitely a hit.