Friday, May 30, 2008

Nothing too exciting...

Don't tell Ashley but Drew is maybe the best baby in the world. For the most part, he has been a very easy baby. We have been very lucky. He is sleeping through the night. The challenge at the moment is that he gets himself loose from his swaddle blanket and then wakes himself up. I would love for him to sleep on his stomach...but we are supposed to wait until he can roll over. We'll have to practice that.
Ashley turns two on Monday. Cserno put together a Schwinn tricycle for her last night. Yes, that's right...a Schwinn. We didn't go overboard or anything. Cserno wanted actual wheels rather than plastic ones so this is the one that won out after his reviews. You should have seen the warnings on the box...don't ride near the street, near a sloped driveway, near cars. It pretty much covered everything. Hopefully, Ashley will be excited even though it is not pink or purple. I can hear her now..."Ashley's!" which is what she says about our house, about Drew, and everything else...she's possessive.
Drew starts "school" on June 23rd and I am going back to work. I am working for Aspect as a contractor for the next 7 months. My boss is amazing and I love working for her. I will miss keeping Drew at home and surfing the internet during his naps. I've had plenty of days where I'm like...that was it. That is the end of the internet. There is nothing left to look up. Then, we discover Facebook (if you have never looked at that, please get on there...) and I look up all my old friends. Some of my friends on there went to Elementary School with me...Go Bulldogs!