Sunday, February 24, 2008

No news yet.

Today is the day that Cserno and I thought the baby was due but nothing so far. The doctor says March 9th so let's just hope he comes by then.

Let me share some things that have been said to me this pregnancy (and last).

Are you pregnant? Seriously? If you have to ask, then you probably just shouldn't mention it. This was at 6 months so I'm sure it was obvious...but can you imagine if the answer is no?

How many are you having? In fairness, I think that this was asked because at Ashley's school, the last 3 pregnancies have been twins. It could have been asked because I am huge...but seriously, I am 5 foot tall. Where am I going to hide these extra pounds?

You look like you are about to pop. This one, in and of itself, is not that bad. And I agree that that is how I look. However, I have looked that way for 2 months. What do you say? I hope not cause the baby isn't due for a few months...

Wow. This was actually said by Cserno when he returned from a business trip to Florida. He was pretty impressed with my growth while he was gone. I like to pretend it is a compliment :).

I'll keep you updated.

I'm sure that there will be more to add :).