Monday, January 5, 2009

You know you are a big deal when...

Ashley and I have this ritual at bedtime. When I tuck her in bed, I ask her who she is going to think about while she is going to sleep and who she will dream about. Her responses range from Mommy and Daddy to Drew to Caillou (PBS show) to Arthur (another PBS show). Well, her answer since Christmas has been "Aunt B". This is my Aunt Becky who lives in Texas (but was in Covington with us for Christmas). You know you are a big deal when you consistently make this list :).


We had a good Christmas in Covington with the Turners. Ashley and Drew enjoyed playing with all of their cousins (Holden, Allie, Hopkins, Ashford, and Nathan) and they loved seeing Uncle Clay. Ashley's highlight was her Dora umbrella. I enjoyed visiting with all my Turner cousins on Christmas Eve. Ashley loved making gingerbread houses with Kim and reindeer food with Liz. Paul Roy brought Santa by the house. Adrian and his new wife Lori were there and I was excited to catch up with Wesley.

We went to visit Uncle Glenn and Aunt Cindy Hensley out in Garland. We had to postpone a visit to my cousin Kim Wright (on the Hensley side) due to illness in her family. Instead, we crashed a party at Nicole and Jan Wade Hensley's house. We got to catch up with lots of cousins. I was so excited to get my cousin Michele's email address...of course now I am having trouble finding it but I'm sure it will turn up.