Sunday, January 20, 2008

It snowed!

It snowed Thursday night so Ashley and Mike went out to play in it. She loved stomping around in her boots.
This weekend, Ashley went to Covington with Nana. We miss her terribly but are trying to get plenty of things done around the house and other errands done. I am pretty big at this point. I visit the doctor this week so I wil be interested to see if she thinks that the baby will arrive early. I do but I'm sure it is just wishful thinking on my part.


Before Christmas, Ashley received a letter from Santa in the mail. She loves receiving any mail so she was excited. Mike was even more excited and wore a "there really is a Santa Claus" expression for days. Aunt Helen (Mike's brother-in-law's mother) is friends with Santa and made sure he had her address.

We spent Christmas in Covington at my grandparents' house. Ashley received cowboy boots from Aunt B and insisted on wearing them right then. She actually put on the entire cowgirl outfit...very cute. She was spoiled by everyone but especially by Nana. When we returned to Nashville, she found that Santa had left her a kitchen. I have never seen her so excited. Uncle Clay had come down from New York. She was a little timid but I have no doubt that they will be friends again when he returns this summer.


Yes, I am very late on this one...Sorry. We spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with my Dad and his family. Anne cooked a delicious meal and Aunt Natalie entertained Ashley.
On Friday, we went to my Mom's in Cleveland, TN. Ashley had a ball playing in the leaves.