Friday, July 18, 2008

Let me tell you about Ashley.

Ashley gets to go to her friend Sam's birthday party later today. I have been telling her to practice singing him Happy Birthday. Happy Day Happy Happy Day Sammy Sam Sam Sammy Sammy. It's going to be interesting at that point in the party when she tells everyone that they are singing it wrong. And I love that she takes the liberty of nicknaming him. Nice.

So, for those of you who know me really well, you are all aware that I can't dance. At all. Well, if I am extremely comfortable and relaxed, I will dance anyway. I do these silly exaggerated moves around the house. It keeps Mike laughing. Ashley does kind of giggle....but then she says No dance Momma. That confirms it completely. I can't dance.

Random signs

This past weekend, I met my friend Kristie Cross at Big South Fork to go hiking. On the way, I had to drive through many many small towns on back roads. Well...let me just say, I LOVE small towns. Really. I do. I'm from a small town and would move back there in 2 seconds. Why don't I live there, you ask? Mike said I will never live here the first time he visited my hometown. Yes, the first time. I thought it was a little presumptuous myself but I did marry how presumptuous could it have been really? Anyway, Mike and I love driving through small towns. You find the best restaurants that way. We love Big Ed's Pizza. Have you ever been there? There is next to no lighting and the pizza is served on tiny paper plates. Seriously, their overhead has to be close to nothing. Well, once, when we were looking for Big Ed's, we took a wrong turn. While we were trying to find our way, we pass this church sign that said WWJD?..he wouldn't be making meth. Nice. The sign I saw this weekend does not even come close to that...but was amusing nonetheless. It Ain't Hardee's...but it ain't bad. I'm just imagining living somewhere that Hardee's is the best option. And if that is the best thing you can say about your restaurant, I think I'll keep driving. I did keep driving but I immediately called Mike to tell him about it.